Every student is different!

When parents ask our definition of a “good college,” we are quick to respond that it is one that meets a student’s needs. Harvard is not for everyone nor is the University of Maryland or Temple or Vanderbilt for that matter. We work to make sure that students end up applying to colleges that fit their academic, social, geographic and financial needs.

Our work with students is guided by several core principles:

  • There are lots of good colleges and universities out there. What is best for one student is not necessarily best for the next student. Navigating the literally thousands of colleges and universities so that each student ends up in the “right” school is what we help you do.

  • High school guidance counselors simply don’t have the time to give students the attention they need in applying to college. Nationally, the ratio of high school students to counselors is 266 to 1! We step in to give students the individualized attention that school counselors simply don’t have time for.

  • There’s way too much hype and stress about the difficulties of getting into college. The acceptance rate at the Ivies might be less than 10% but that is not the case for many other outstanding colleges in the U.S.

  • If you have your mind set on one and only one college, then yes, the process might be difficult. Applying to the right range of colleges helps to reduce that stress. And we help you create the right application list.


View some of the colleges that our students have attended.